EURODEMPA – European Democracy Projects offers analyses, research and consultancy for different areas of the social sciences as well as for organizational questions. We offer support in EU-projects from proposal writing to evaluation and quality assurance, we search for project partners and help you building your own networks in Austria and many other European countries. You shall benefit from our language skills, our experience and contacts to many partners from Spain to Russia.

We also offer own, specific research and scientific editing according to your needs. Our expertise includes democratic issues, strategic foresight, country analysis, political studies etc.

The evaluation of projects in different fields such as working conditions, sports, health or smart innovation is a further service of EURODEMPA. The close cooperation with the orderer and partners is of crucial importance for our understanding of evaluation. We strongly believe that it quality can best be assured by mutual understanding, regular communication and good governance instead of mere quantification and control.

Services of EURODEMPA European Democracy Projects:

  • Support in EU-projects from proposal writing to evaluation
  • Search of project partners in Austria and Europe
  • Evaluation and Quality Assurance
  • Strategic foresight
  • Country analysis
  • Qualitative research and scientific interviews
  • Workshops
  • Specific studies on social, political or economic questions
  • Translation and editing of scientific texts in different languages
  • Research and state of the art
  • Further scientific services