EURODEMPA offers European analyses for your organisation or region and supports you in the process of Europeanization, policy analysis, the application for European project funding, project management and quality assurance, European networking activities,  partner research, exchange programmes or market analysis etc. Besides English, Markus Pausch and his partners speak German, French, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Spanish, Italian and Dutch and are part of an international network of scientists.

Currently, EURODEMPA supports two applications for European funding, one for the introduction of a Master Programme in Political Science on the Western Balkan and one for the development of a curriculum for civic engagement in the field of animal protection.

In the field of European politics we offer:

* In-depth analysis on Europeanization and the future of Europe in specific fields

* Consultancy and support in EU-research funding and applications (Horizon 2020, Erasmus Plus, etc.)

* Support in the management of EU-Projects

* Quality assurance and evaluation

* Support in the search for international partners

* Country profiles and analysis

* Lectures and seminars on European questions (EU-Democracy, TTIP, etc.)

* interviews and surveys etc.

Comments on European questions:

2014: Democratization and Elitism in the European Union: Two opposing trends, in: European Journal of Futures Research, Topical Collection “The Future of Europe”, 12/2014, 2:56 Springer, S. 1-9.

2014: Keine Angst vor Euroskeptizismus: Über die Spielarten und die Nützlichkeit von EU-Kritik, ÖGFE Policy Brief 5/2014.

2014: Euroscepticism and right-wing populism, lecture held at the University of Luxemburg.