Innovations start with an idea and are successful when this idea is implemented and accepted. In the technological as well as in the economic and social sector, innovations only succeed if they meet with acceptance. EURODEMPA offers analyses and surveys in all phases of your innovation, especially in the phase of implementation and acceptance.

Innovation acceptance can be achieved on the basis of three possible aspects: Trust, knowledge or participation. Whether an innovation is successful and meets with broad acceptance depends on these three factors. If the customers/citizens trust the decision-makers or innovators, they will accept an innovation. If there is a lack of trust, but the customers/citizens have sufficient knowledge of their own and are convinced of the benefits of an innovation, acceptance can also be expected. If they have neither trust nor sufficient knowledge about an innovation, it is only through a participatory process that it will meet with broad acceptance.

Anyone trying to implement innovations should therefore first get a picture of the relationship with citizens or customers.